Before we put the month of October behind us; let me tell you about my very favorite night, Tuesday, because it’s the New Breed Jazz Jam with Paul Hastil, Nick Moran and Michael Brenneis, and being a jam, there is always the element of surprise.

October 12 - The Josh Harty Band and Lost Lakes shared the stage. Beautiful harmonies throughout.

 Saturday, October 13 - Ryan Meisel QuArtet performed three amazing sets of mostly original tunes. For those of you who missed the last set, Ryan’s wife, Cilia Faye gave an absolutely soulful performance of Mississippi Momma https://ryanmeisel.bandcamp.com/track/mississippi-momma

They closed with Greensleeves, until this performance the only live version of Greensleeves I had heard was by Pharoah Sanders (a Coltrane disciple). I don’t use the term monster lightly, but Ryan and the band smoked. The performance by all members was monstrous.

October 19 - An all-star event. Darren Sterud invited Leroy Jones of Preservation Hall to perform at North Street Cabaret. I knew that Leroy would be great on the trumpet, but it was his voice and his singing that absolutely captivated me.

October 20 - Ben Ferris Octet featuring Eric Koppa on tenor saxophone performing many of Oliver Nelson’s compositions from his album The Blues and the Abstract Truth. Doesn’t get any better.

Sunday, October 28 - Chris Duarte Group. I’m so appreciative that NSC is not strictly a one genre venue. Chris’s name is mentioned with the likes of B. B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton. The group absolutely burned the stage. The one thing I really love about Chris is that he does not ease into anything. He gets right into it from the very first note. The Group performed two 75-minute intense sets. Nobody in the audience left. Great night, great month.

Thank you all. Please vote on November 6.