Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

As a life-long listener of jazz, world and classical music, I didn’t know much about bluegrass, even though I often talked about the virtues of roots music.

Moving to Madison five years ago, in the interest of serving my listening audience at Tip Top and now North Street Cabaret, I expanded my horizon to bluegrass and country.

Thursday night, Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley absolutely blew me away. Not only are they gifted musicians, but they cross genres, take songs from one world and transform it into another.  

They borrowed from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Grateful Dead, and even The Beatles. They also performed a version of Sonny Boy Williamson/Willie Dixon song One Way Out (made popular by the Allman Brothers). Thank you Sugar Maple Music Festival for including our venue in your shows. Hope they return to our stage soon.

To get a sampling of this crossover listen to Rob Ickes playing Horace Silver’s jazz classic “Song for My Father”.


Rob & Trey.jpeg