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Chloe Louise & The Heartbreak Club - $5 Cover

If this year’s Rising Stars performers wonder where the talent search can lead, they can just ask two-time finalist Chloe Louise. The Madison singer recently signed with the independent music label Sunday Night Records.

“I performed in the Rising Stars talent search in both 2015 and 2016,” Louise said. “The first year I did it, a friend of my mom’s sent me the link. I just thought it was a great opportunity.

Having an opportunity to do anything with the Overture Center is awesome, Chloe Louise said. The theater is beautiful, and the singer said of the things that pushed her to do it was the opportunity to meet some great people in the process. 

Louise performed an original song in the Rising Stars talent search and made it to the final round both times. As someone who was used to performing in front of friends, family, and a tight fan base, standing before the judges and audience at the Overture-sponsored program was a nerve-racking experience for the singer. 

Louise describes her music as “pop/alternative” with a little country in the mix. In that sense her sound stems from multiple influences, covering music from Bob Dylan to modern hip/hop artist Drake and everything in between, she said.