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Juiceboxxx, Time & Cop Circles - $8 Cover

Nobody knows what to do with Juiceboxxx, the noisy rap-rock veteran who's overflowing with positive vibes, when they first encounter him. His constantly evolving pastiche of sounds means that he's often crammed into genres where he doesn't quite fit. For a while, he was labeled as nerdcore rap, which seemed to have nothing to do with the music he was making and more to do with just being a skinny white guy rapping. After seeing a show, one reviewer more aptly called it, "rap/rock that doesn't suck." A couple months ago, he appeared on a local news station in his hometown of Milwaukee, and the Internet jumped on the clip of his performance, which was plagued by technical difficulties, anointing Juice "the worst rapper ever."

Later Event: September 15
Paul Hestil Band - $5 Cover