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Mollie O'Brien & Rich Moore $17/Advance $20/Door

“An Incredible Singer and Fantastic Guitarist performing some of the Best Songs you’ll ever hear in one show…there’s the quote for the poster. Now, let me explain. Mollie O’Brien first performed on Mountain Stage in 1985, our second year. She was the best singer we had ever had on the show. She kept coming back and now, 27 years later, she’s still one of the top three best singers ever to perform on the show and I can’t think of the other two at the moment. Keep in mind, we have had over 1,800 guests on Mountain Stage. She can sing contemporary and traditional folk music, country, bluegrass, jazz, gospel, blues and pop but she’s not a jack of all trades. She’s a master of many styles. Since she and Rich have been performing together regularly – he finally quit his day job – they are impossible to beat as an acoustic duo. They have impeccable taste and choose the most entertaining, interesting and inspiring material from the wide world of song. And they’re funny. I urge you to see them if you get the chance and make your friends come with you (they will effusively thank you later).”
Larry Groce, Artistic Director and Host, Mountain Stage

“Sitting out in my little writing porch, watching the wrens build nests and listening to the enormous song that improbably comes out of their tiny bodies, and wondering why more people haven’t heard of the singer Mollie O’Brien. Full disclosure: we went to convent school together in Wheeling, West Virginia. But even if I didn’t know her I would be completely in thrall to her throaty, bluesy, beautiful voice and the way she delivers a song, as though she’s really living in it. There are a lot of people I listen to when I write: Sondheim, Adele, The Donnas, The Veronicas, Keith Urban. But she stops me and makes me attend, just like the house wrens do.”
Anna Quindlen, Author

“Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore are two national musical treasures. Combining blues and bluegrass (and everything in-between) with their soulful voices and stunning instrumental chops, Mollie and Rich are a constant source of joy and inspiration to me. They are truly among the best out there keeping American music alive and vital.”
Dave Alvin

“We do not have another singer like Mollie O’Brien – she stands and delivers in a completely original way – no matter the material. Together Mollie and Rich have made a sure and honest recording of Saturday nights and Sunday mornings that runs as deep as family.”
Darrell Scott

One part Maria Muldaur, one part Suzy Bogguss & one part Ella Fitzgerald, Mollie O’Brien’s voice with its seemingly limitless range is the perfect vehicle for this eclectic set of songs. Rich Moore’s crisp harmonies & guitar playing support in all the right places. It takes serious talent to play and sing this effortlessly.”
Gretchen Peters, Songwriter

“Heartfelt intelligence and unselfconsciously sophisticated.”
Rolling Stone

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